10 WWE Superstars Who Don't Live Up To Their Nicknames



Most of us have been given nicknames throughout the course of our lives, but few of us get to choose them. No matter how often throughout school we insisted our peers call us by our preferred moniker ('Captain Knowledge'), they'd continuously revert to their own appellations, usually containing some variation on the word 'head'. They weren't even biologically accurate.

When you're a big hard wrestling man, you earn the right to pick your own nick, safe in the knowledge that you can thump anyone who deviates from the script. Yet with this power has came a lot of relaxed judgement. Just because you can call yourself whatever you like, doesn't mean you should. More often than not, a wrestler's handle sounds contrived, silly, or just plain nonsense.

WWE's marketing machine goes into overdrive when christening stars with memorable epithets. Many work - who could argue with 'The Excellence of Execution'? - but many more fail. Whether self-appointed or doled out, it isn't easy to live up to a ridiculous title laden with boastful claims of braggadocio. Even less so when it makes no sense to begin with.

These lads and lasses could do with a rebrand...

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