10 WWE Superstars Who Sabotaged Their Own Careers

Who needs the boss to bury you when you can dig your own grave?


As wrestling fans, we love to argue about office politics and who buried who: who dug whose grave and who handed them the shovel. Everyone’s got a favourite wrestler who was disrespected by the office, and everyone has some stooge they despise who’s made a career out of ending the careers of others.

It’s just how we roll… but not every career ended early due to the evil machinations of lesser men. Some wrestlers are perfectly able to f*ck their own lives up without any help from anyone.

Of course, to qualify as genuine career sabotage the offence has to be proportional to that person's unrealised potential. For example, when he was released for supposedly allowing Alicia Fox to wrestle while intoxicated, Arn Anderson was in the twilight of his legendary career, and had already accomplished everything he needed to.

Conversely, while Brad Maddox was fired for swearing at a house show crowd, he'd never really been hired for his wrestling skills; having been off television for months, his time with WWE was probably nearly at an end anyway.

This article, on the other hand, is dedicated to the men who could have gone further, faster, higher: the superstars made to be big hitters, who managed to strike out all on their own.


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