10 WWE Superstars Who Should Be In Money In The Bank (But Aren't)

The top of the ladder stays the same, but these wrestlers deserve a chance to climb the rungs.


The Money in the Bank ladder match and its titular pay-per-view event has become one of the most anticipated stops on WWE’s schedule. This contest has been a yearly staple since 2005 and since 2010, has been an event all its own. Along the way, Money in the Bank has provided high-flying thrills and shuddering crashes.

This year will again see two separate ladder matches as both the men and women will compete for a coveted championship contract dangling above the ring. Eight men and eight women -- four superstars per match from both brands -- have fought for a place in the coveted contests.

Unfortunately for others, these qualification matches didn’t go their way, and for some, they weren't even granted an opportunity to compete. It's left us with superstars who have already held championships and will inevitably receive many more opportunities, such as Braun Strowman, Kevin Owens, Alexa Bliss, and Charlotte Flair.

Instead of seeing these familiar faces mix it up again, these five men and five women are more deserving of a chance to grab hold of the Money in the Bank briefcase.


Douglas Scarpa is a freelance writer, independent filmmaker, art school graduate, and pro wrestling aficionado -- all of which mean he is in financial ruin. He has no backup plan to speak of, yet maintains his abnormally high spirits. If he had only listened to the scorn of his childhood teachers, he wouldn't be in this situation.