10 WWE Superstars Who Were The Best At Putting Over Young Talent

The circle of life only works if the older guys get out of the way.


The act of putting another wrestler over is about more than just letting them get a victory over you. It's about helping them put on a memorable match that makes them look like a million bucks in the process, whether or not they get a clean 1-2-3 at the end of it. 

Some guys get that. Others wouldn't understand how to put another guy over if you repeatedly slapped them in the face with a How-To guide. And still others understand it perfectly well, but refuse to do it because of their own misguided and overinflated egos.

But if there's one lesson that should be taken away from the Monday Night Wars, it's that the wrestling industry can only survive if there's a constantly evolving talent pool. In order for the product to stay relevant, the younger guys need a chance to showcase themselves so they can eventually take the place of the older talent.

In Lion King terms, this is what's known as the 'Circle of Life' and while some might be sad to see Mufasa (Hulk Hogan) be killed off by Scar (Vince McMahon), know that there's always a Simba (CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, John Cena, etc.) on the horizon. 

And it's up to the top dogs to make sure we cynical wrestling fans are able to take the new guys seriously. The guys on this list excel at making that happen.


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