10 WWE Superstars Who Will Leave In 2018

Mayor of Knox County or not, 2018 will surely be Kane's final year...

Daniel Bryan James Ellsworth

WWE's systematic plundering of the best independent wrestlers in the world hasn't just padded the NXT roster or paid dividends on the main roster over the years, it has also created the very real chance that stagnant names on both Raw and SmackDown will be replaced soon. There are loads of wrestlers who could be about to ship out.

Some are struggling to get any television time at all as we race towards 2017's end, some have come to the end of story arcs (and now must vie to convince creative they still have worth), and some are aching to do something different in the company altogether. Then, there are those winding down lengthy careers and others sick of poor treatment.

The list of stars who could end up leaving WWE is a long one. It's not only filled with lower card workers or enhancement talent either. 2018 will be an interesting year, and it could bring about some serious change to WWE's landscape, even when it comes to old favourites and bonafide legends...

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