10 WWE Superstars Who Will Leave In 2018

1. Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan

If WWE don't let him wrestle soon, then there's every chance Daniel Bryan will throw his toys from the pram and leave the organisation. Bryan has been more vocal than ever before this year about working in-ring again, and that's something WWE are uncomfortable with under their banner. That means it'd have to happen somewhere else.

Daniel's desire to wrestle is serious. Both he and his wife Brie have spoken about bouts of depression brought on by a realisation that he may never work inside a WWE ring again. Bryan loves pro wrestling so much, and is becoming so frustrated by his neutered role as SmackDown GM that he's itching to explore other options.

Serious injuries or not, would it surprise you to hear that Bryan had agreed mutual termination of his WWE deal and planned to wrestle in Japan, for Ring Of Honor or on the independent scene? It wouldn't surprise us, even if it'd be a massive risk to the man's health.


Which other WWE stars do you think could leave the company in 2018? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments section below!

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