10 WWE Superstars Who Will Leave In 2018

10. The Ascension

The Ascension

The last time The Ascension were relevant, they were the single most dominating tag-team in NXT. That was years ago, and it's been remarkable to watch such a promising gimmick give way to mediocrity. When Konnor and Viktor were ploughing through all comers as champs for almost a full year between 2013-2014, did anyone think they'd be so overlooked on the main roster?

The Ascension on Raw and SmackDown has been a disaster. As if JBL calling them a poor man's Road Warriors or a crappy alignment with Stardust wasn't bad enough, the team have been reduced to comedic foil for Breezango in recent times. Nope, this team are going nowhere, and they probably never will in WWE.

Both members should rightly be sick of doing nothing of note, and nobody could blame them for asking to seek fresh challenges outside the company. Head to Japan, boys, you'd be more appreciated there and on the indies.

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