10 WWE Superstars Who Would Flourish In Lucha Underground

A change of scenery can do wonders.

WWE/El Rey Network

Lucha Underground, debuting in 2014, provided wrestlers from across the world another place for them to hone their craft. It also gave an audience burnt out on the WWE product a viable alternative to watch. While definitely different in nature, the show quickly developed a fan following for its wacky storylines, unique characters and, most importantly, its exceptional in-ring action.

Several Superstars who were doing next to nothing in WWE (as well as other promotions) eventually made the move to Lucha Underground and immediately thrived. Alberto Del Rio is a prime example of someone who had nothing going for him toward the end of his initial stint with WWE yet was a total star in The Temple, being received by the fans as an uber popular babyface.

Former Nexus member Justin Gabriel, now known as PJ Black, experienced a career resurgence upon journeying over to Lucha Underground and became a Trios champion. Countless wrestlers currently a part of the WWE system would be a fine fit for the revolutionary program, and although the fourth season is already in the can (set to premiere on June 13), there's nothing stopping them from getting involved with future installments.


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