10 WWE Superstars Whose Entrance Music Was Better Than They Were

One-hit wonders.


Before we begin... just because a wrestler is on this list doesn't mean that they're bad. It simply means that their entrance music was better than their WWE career was, which may or may not have been by any fault of their own. Moving on...

Imagine, if you will, that you're Jim Johnston (or CFO$ if you wish to be more modern/homogeneous). The officials come up to you and tell you about a new character they're debuting. Now, it's your job to create a theme song for them - something that not only fits their character, but hopefully will be remembered for years to come.

Fast forward - you get to debut your work on television. Now, the IWC is talking. They're talking not only about the character, but about the music that accompanies them. Like, "man, Bobby Lashley is great, but his music is so generic!" or, "gee, Baron Corbin is so boring on the mic, but his music is awesome!"

Point is, it's difficult to hit a proverbial home run as a composer for WWE. That is, to compose a high-quality theme (single) that is both unique (double) and fitting (triple) for a high-caliber talent (home run). It's that last point that makes the composer's job the most difficult, as they have no idea how well someone will perform, how well someone will be booked, and how they will be received by the crowd.

As such, the theme music ends up being much better than the wrestler it's assigned to...

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