10 WWE Tag Team Champions Less Worthy Than Nicholas

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Wrestling'll give you an existential crisis if you let it. Just engaging in the product requires a certain respect for many of its unwritten rules considering how recklessly it treats the basic formulas of storytelling and narrative.

The malfunctioning parts within WWE's creative machine are exposed by its own internal engine room - NXT operates with such success by seamlessly welding contemporary in-ring action with the oldest of old school storyline devices. Characters are carefully considered in all of their decisions, almost never acting outside of the rigid personality traits they've gained from their on-screen journey.

The main roster is another 'Universe' altogether. One Monday is often indistinguishable from the next - frustratingly so for those that grew up with WrestleMania main events planned a year in advance every year rather than just when The Rock was free to fit in a John Cena match between box office blockbusters. Undefeated streaks are ended to shock discerning fans rather than stock depleted rosters with newly-made stars. Hardly anybody even is a star anymore - WWE would rather the three initials sell the tickets rather than two main event icons because a brand won't leave you even if human beings do.

It's within this world that young fan (and referee John Cone's real-life son) Nicholas can be plucked from the crowd to become a tag team champion alongside the dominant Braun Strowman at WrestleMania 34. The decision was divisive, but the company has done far more deep-rooted damage to the doubles division in the past...


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