10 WWE Tag Teams Who Tried To Rebrand Themselves

Will the Bludgeon Brothers be a success?


This week's SmackDown Live saw the television debut of the "Bludgeon Brothers" - the new name under which former Wyatt Family members Luke Harper and Eric Rowan will be competing as they reemerge from months in the wilderness (perhaps literally).

Response to this news has been decidedly mixed. Many fans regard Harper as a wrestler too good to be stuck in the tag team division, but others - recognising how difficult it will be for him to go it alone - see in the Bludgeon Brothers a slither of potential.

The skeptics are justified in their belief that WWE will, after an initial push, immediately get bored of the duo the very second a newer and shinier toy from NXT gets the main roster nod, but we mustn't write them off just yet - not until they're jobbing to the Usos come next month, anyway.

After all, if the duo need to draw inspiration, there are plenty of examples from wrestling history of iconic tag teams who similarly underwent a re-brand - sometimes subtle, other times dramatic - after their original shtick went stale (or became a copyright issue...).