10 WWE TV Matches That Were Better Than They Had Any Right To Be

10. Buddy Murphy Vs. Kalisto (205 Live, 03/04/18)


205 Live has long been one of WWE's best kept secrets; it's fitting then to begin this list with the man who hails himself as that very thing.

After Buddy Murphy had won a fatal four-way between himself, TJP, Akira Tozawa and Kalisto, Murphy and the latter collided for the first time in a one-on-one encounter, heralded by many as one of the greatest in the newly christened show's history.

The two ramped up the intensity from the off-set sizing each other up with uncompromising mat-wrestling, combined with innovative, acrobatic exchanges (Kalisto's near count-out is an education in grinding out tension).

It's quite hard to produce a David vs. Goliath feel in a 205 Live match with both athletes having to be under the obvious weight limit. However, Kalisto's plucky frame meshed well with Murphy's hulking physique making for a story of the underdog trying to conquer the bully he was faced with. Murphy's struggle to hit Murphy's Law only to over-power the luchador into his finishing manoeuvre put the perfect exclamation point on to a world-class contest.

Shifting through the gears of methodical to high-octane in an instant, this match crammed the kind of dramatic storytelling and stakes into 15 minutes as the main roster sometimes struggle to develop in a three month-long storyline. Put this match on a SummerSlam or 'Mania card and we'd be talking about it for years.


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