10 WWE WrestleMania 34 Card Predictions After Royal Rumble 2018

Dream Match City.


Royal Rumble 2018 was a game-changing show.

WWE's first ever 30-woman battle royal was a roaring success, with stars of the past, present, and future delivering all the dramatic qualities the Rumble is known for, and Asuka emerging victorious. Hers was a crowd-pleasing triumph, as was Shinsuke Nakamura's on the men's side. Their wins stand as a welcome spot of fan service from a company known for relentlessly trolling their audience, and it'll be great to see two popular stars in big WrestleMania matches, wherever they land.

The Rumble was WWE's first step on the road to New Orleans. While the 8 April card is far from complete, this year's first pay-per-view offered several hints as to where the company will head over the coming weeks and months. Things can change, of course, but by taking the threads established at the Rumble and tying them up with everything else going on on Raw and SmackDown, the picture becomes a lot clearer.

The Styles vs. Nakamura dream match is excluded, because barring a disaster, that one's a dead cert. The rest? Anything can happen, but logic leads us towards the following line-up...

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