10 WWE WrestleMania Moments That Meant NOTHING In Hindsight

Meaningless filler


Raw Tag Team Titles on a kid, eh?! Oof.

Not since the discontinuation of Hulk Hogan's multi-vitamins had the wrestling fanbase so profoundly rejected a performer trying to engage with children. Braun Strowman plucking young fan (and referee John Cone's son) Nicholas out of the crowd in a designated 'WrestleMania Momentâ„¢' at the 2018 edition of the show instantly incensed a huge portion of the audience despite providing endless visual gags for vacuous publicity and a sizeable pop from those in attendance.

Then there were those substantially more annoyed 24 hours later when the duo dumped the belts back to Raw General Manager Kurt Angle due to the young lad's school commitments. It doesn't take a fourth grade maths exam to work out that a five-out-of-ten gag match followed by a zero-out-of-ten punchline payoff falls short of a perfect 10 in its execution, but will it lessen in stature when WWE repeats it ad nauseam over the next few years?

Honestly, probably not. Unless Nicholas disgraces himself in some manner over the next decade, he stands to relive his famous moment as often as the baby from Nirvana's 'Nevermind' cover. That chap's willingly whipped his gentleman's agreement out for remastered versions of the image on various birthdays ironically chasing a novelty dollar - WWE are sure to do the same with this guest appearance as the years fritter on. It'll be a necessary evil if so many of their other major moments require the level of whitewashing these ones do.


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