10 WWE Wrestlers Most Likely To Be Released In 2016

Time's up for these guys and girls.

With ratings falling to an alarming level, major changes are going be made in WWE if they want to turn things around in 2016. New wrestlers will have to be signed, NXT wrestlers will called up, and some veterans are going to have to go. It€™s an unfortunate fact of wrestling life, but when Vince McMahon thinks that someone isn€™t earning their keep, they€™re not long for the main roster. It€™s been a long time since we€™ve had a big house cleaning in WWE, but with ratings rapidly falling, the boss is going to look for someone to blame. He€™s certainly not going to blame himself, or his daughter, or his son-in-law, which basically leaves the wrestlers to have to find a new place of employment. Lucky them. Right now there's quite a few men and women who haven't done anything of note on the main roster for a suspiciously long time. One of these mornings we'll wake up to see some familiar names that have been wished the best of luck in their future endeavors, and sadly, we won't be all that surprised. From longtime veterans, to wrestlers who just never had any talent in the first place, here are 10 WWE wrestlers who are likely to be released in 2016.

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