10 WWE Wrestlers We Initially Misjudged

We got you all wrong.


First impressions are all-important in wrestling. Put your foot in it on your debut and you could find yourself burdened with an unflattering image for the rest of your career.

Often times, though, that's not entirely fair, and fans have been made to eat humble pie on more than one occasion after writing off a wrestler following an unimpressive debut (which is often less the fault of the wrestler themselves than it is those booking the show).

This dismissive attitude is particularly prevalent when it comes to wrestlers who have emerged through WWE's Performance Centre, whose ability in the ring is far more likely to be called into question than those who have done the hard yards in the independent circuit.

And sometimes these unfairly maligned stars change our harsh first impressions to such an extent that we end up lamenting the company for sidelining them, despite being opposed to their being pushed in the first place.

Wrestling fans can be weird, basically - even though there have been times when it seems like WWE has done its level best to shine a light at a performer's weakest (or least formed) attributes.

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