10 WWE Wrestlers Who Get Way Too Much Criticism

Sometimes, the bandwagon goes a little too far...


Wrestling fans have always been a vocal bunch, and discussing who WWE should and shouldn't push to the top is a favourite topic. You could spend hours discussing the merits of Cesaro or Sami Zayn as a Universal Title contender and still have points to make, such is the level of devotion fans dedicate to their favourite wrestlers.

This is a scripted, opinion-based sport, and if you sit down to watch Raw or SmackDown every week, you've earned your opinion. All dedicated sports fans are passionate, but wrestling takes it to the next level. Hardcore wrestling fans develop an almost tribe-like mentality, and while this often manifests in incredibly positive ways (see: the "Yes!" Movement), it often swings too far in the opposite direction.

Negative opinions tend to snowball, especially with the rise of social media, where bandwagon culture is particularly prevalent. A wrestler can make one false move in this business and never see their popularity recover from the backlash no matter how hard they try, and it's very difficult to alter a majority opinion once a group has made its mind up.

There are plenty of understandable gripes towards WWE and their performers in 2016, but not all criticism is created equally. What starts as a legitimate complaint can often spiral towards unjustifiable levels of hatred, and WWE history is full of figures who've fallen victim to this.

Here are 10 WWE wrestlers who get way too much criticism.

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