10 WWE Wrestlers Who Grabbed The Brass Ring In 2018

10. Tommaso Ciampa


Though the NXT Champion's erstwhile feud partner, Johnny Gargano, was a strong candidate for inclusion, the forced nature of his new "dark" character, coupled with the performer's increasingly hammy promo delivery, means Tommaso Ciampa is now the ex-DIY standout.

Ciampa is currently operating at a higher level than at any other point in his career. He benefits from the immense spotlight he has been granted and the stellar Gargano programme, but his workrate cannot be understated. While injured, the former 'Sicilian Psychopath' sharpened, refined, and perfected his game, ensuring he'd come back a Marvel-calibre supervillain (at the Thanos end of the scale, not Ultron). This continued when his comeback eventually came to fruition, and he's now one of the most convincing heels in the entire business.

Those who caught Ciampa's late Ring Of Honor run already knew he was an effective bad guy, but he has soared beyond anyone's expectations in 2018. He understands his role better than the vast majority of wrestlers on WWE's books, and this, coupled with his own self-improvement drive, almost make the over-the-top 'Greatest Sports Entertainer Of All Time' title justifiable.


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