10 WWE Wrestlers Who Just Missed A Grand Slam Championship

The Shield, Orton and Miz have done it, but these guys haven't.


On the Raw after WrestleMania, Seth Rollins reveled in his Intercontinental Championship victory. He also celebrated the fact that he was now a WWE Grand Slam champion, having won the WWE World Heavyweight, United States and WWE Tag Team championships alongside his new prize.

Rollins also noted that he joined the rest of his Shield brethren as Grand Slam champs. But he wasn’t the only wrestler to join this prestigious group this year; Randy Orton joined the club in March after winning the United States Championship.

The notion of a Grand Slam champion in WWE isn’t new – Shawn Michaels coined the phrase after winning the European Championship in 1997 – but after adding only one person to the group between 2013-16, WWE has added four names in the past eight months.

19 men have become Grand Slam champions, but what’s really amazing is the list of WWE wrestlers who have not won a Grand Slam championship. We’re talking Hall-of-Famers and elite superstars who are multiple-time world champions, guys who have seemingly captured every title there is out there, but somehow are not recognized with this elite accomplishment.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest names out there who have yet to join this elite group.

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