10 WWE Wrestlers Who Reinvented Themselves In TNA

If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got.


A fresh start can be the perfect remedy to many of life's situations. Whether it's a new home, a new job, or a new relationship, change can be just the right impetus to reignite the spark of life.

Wrestling is no different.

However, creating a new persona can be a daring prospect for an established star - particularly when a tried and tested gimmick has achieved success in the past. Nevertheless, several stars that have jumped to TNA over the years have done just that - with varying results.

Orlando has seen some of wrestling's biggest stars totally reinvent themselves in the Impact Zone; meanwhile, others have used the change of scenery to give their personas a subtle yet refreshing overhaul...

10. Jean-Pierre Lafitte - X

Pierre Carl Ouellet had a decent career in mid-'90s WWF, notably achieving success as part of The Quebecers and, later, as Jean-Pierre LaFitte. He even held the WWF Tag Team Championships on three separate occasions. Nevertheless, his TNA run saw the proud Canadian completely repackaged as the mask-wearing maniac, X.

Making his debut in an X Division battle royal in November 2003, the larger Ouellet immediately stood out amongst the smaller competition. With his opposition reliant on agility and high risk moves, X simply overpowered his lighter opponents, launching his adversaries around with ease. Needless to say, X was victorious.

Unfortunately for Ouellet, extensive travel costs to bring him to Nashville from Montreal saw X's run cut short and he was gone from TNA after just five matches. After his in-ring run with the company came to an end, the former Quebecer became the french commentator for TNA.

After five years on voice over duties, Ouellet eventually quit the position to focus on returning to WWE. Despite being in great shape for his age and more than capable in the ring, the WWE dream was left unfulfilled.


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