10 WWE Wrestlers Who Should’ve Got One More Title Run

Nostalgia runs, career revivals and the so-called 'Birmingham screwjob'


Not everybody’s as lucky as Goldberg.

Not in the sense that he was recently able to sign a big-money contract working minimal dates, but in that he was able to notch one more title run before seemingly bowing out for good.

Back in February at Fastlane, Goldberg won the Universal Championship to capture his first world title in over 13 years, which in some ways atoned for that disappointing reign of 2003.

Generally speaking, though, Goldberg seems to be the exception rather than rule, as plenty of others before him have appeared to be deserving of another title shot, only to see the opportunity pass them by. And this isn’t something that’s exclusively affected top-tier guys, with former champions from up-and-down the card being denied that one last title run on a number of occasions over the years.

From stars who enjoyed a big-name return to others who simply enjoyed a renaissance – as well as the odd example of guys being overlooked whilst still in their prime years – here, we look back at ten instances of wrestlers who should’ve got one more title run, when it should’ve happened and why.

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