10 WWE Wrestlers Who Suddenly Vanished

Here Today, Gone Today.


WWE is the story that never ends.

There’ll never be season finales, despite the company’s suggestion that WrestleMania provides end destinations for its characters - the wrestlers don’t go as hard on the treadmills on a Monday at the gym as the personas do on Raw several hours later. Sometimes it’s for the active betterment of their career - Dolph Ziggler’s made millions spinning his wheels, highlighting how preferable it’s been to be a part-time ‘Show Off’ rather than screech to an uninspired, permanent halt.

He’s seen it happen first hand too. Dolph broke through during a period where ‘Talent Development’ was a contradiction in terms. Countless possible future stars were elevated long before their potential could be realised, and suffered at the fickle creative fingers of Vince McMahon as a result. Not least when crafting a character’s natural conclusion has always been one of his blind spots.

McMahon’s refusal to publicly acknowledge departures was as much to do with keeping his existing wrestlers hungry. Ultimate Warrior disappeared without trace in 1991 and 1992 and both exits went intentionally underplayed. Hulk Hogan was dead by omission rather than submission after surrendering the WWE Championship a year later.

That was par for the course for company megastars. What chance did these mere superstars have?

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