10 WWE Wrestlers Who Worked The Most Matches In 2014

You can't accuse these stars of slacking!

There is no off-season in the WWE. Shows take place up to ten times a week, with wrestlers usually being required to work at least four times in seven days. Matches take place across the television broadcasts and un-televised house shows, with WWE fans always demanding the very best from WWE superstars. Thankfully, WWE talent are well up to the task. The wrestlers are some of the hardest working people in entertainment, with an elite group in particular being heavily relied upon by WWE. These grapplers are the workhorses of the company, and will wrestle upwards of 170 matches a year. Whether it is Raw, Smackdown, or a house show, chances are you saw the following ten men on the card in 2014. Honourable Mention: John Cena It wouldn't be right to talk about the hardest working people in WWE and not mention Mr Cena. He's just shy of making this top ten most matches in 2014, having competed in 172 matches last year. However, when you throw in all of his appearances and roles representing the WWE brand, he's quite easily the most "on the job" performer. Traditionally, it was always the Champion who worked the most matches in a year. Nowadays it is quite different, and the leader of this list might just surprise a few readers.
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