10 WWE Wrestlers You Can’t Believe Got Over

Silicone, silliness, and silver spoons.


We'd like to think the formula is simple.

Just turn Roman Reigns heel for a bit. It worked for The Rock. A heel run would allow Reigns to tap into his natural smugness, feed off the natural crowd dynamic, and unearth hitherto undiscovered potential as an organic act...even though his promos would still be scripted. Nobody buys Jason Jordan as Kurt Angle's son because we know, for a fact, that he isn't - even though Ethan Carter III got over with a similar, patently false bit in TNA. Stop booking Shinsuke Nakamura to talk all the time - just have him wrestle - even though there are already too many meaningless matches and rematches on WWE television.

Getting over often is simple. Fans like to see more of the wrestlers they like. It's a business fundamental to which pro wrestling isn't immune, even if, all too often, Vince McMahon is impervious to the wider, vocal sentiment of his fanbase.

But McMahon doesn't rule the wrestling world because he's an idiot. He sees things that we don't - and not just Jinder Mahal's nonexistent star potential...


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