10 WWE Wrestlers You MUST Follow That Dominate Social Media

Why bother with 140 characters, when these 10 will do just fine?


Discounting spectacular mistruths WWE routinely spouts about social media engagement numbers thanks to some typically twisted arithmetic, the company can be afforded some credit for aggressively growing its social media presence after arriving predictably late to the party.

Forcing a hashtag on absolutely everything and misinforming viewers of trends with infuriating frequency, WWE warmly embraced Twitter and Facebook and began steering viewers to follow talents online to gain deeper relations with the superheroes that padded out each weekly broadcast.

However, as is almost always the case in these situations, the company-mandated accounts were abysmal. Tepid, soulless marketing machines, the profiles served little purpose other than to bombard fans and followers with the same relentless adverts for whatever needed selling at the time.

Fortunately, some superstars gradually took control of their online personas, utilising the new functionality to further their own agenda, or merely allow fans an insight into the lives beyond WWE's clandestine glare.

These are now the people to watch online, or the accounts to scroll through during a boring commute, flight, or family funeral. And anyway, there's far too much to take in on any given edition of Monday Night Raw as it is. If it didn't trend online thanks to one of these performers, did it even happen at all?


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