11 Most Disappointing WWE PPV Endings

Screwjob finishes, tunnel vision booking and a glorified WrestleMania pre-show.


Safe to say that the ending to this year’s Survivor Series was rather disappointing.

In a five-on-five elimination match absolutely brimming with talent, the biggest story revolved around three part-timers approaching their 50s, as Triple H turned on Kurt Angle before eventually pinning Shane McMahon for the win.

But how does that finale compare with some of the other let-downs in WWE’s pay-per-view back-catalog? Of which, unfortunately, there have been a fair few...

Granted, the disappointment of some PPV finishes have been eased by the fact that they played into other angles that would materialise further down the line. Just a couple of examples that spring to mind include the Daniel Bryan screwjob from SummerSlam 2013, which made his WrestleMania XXX win all the more meaningful, as well as CM Punk’s loss at the end of SummerSlam 2011, which was arguably atoned for by his subsequent 434-day reign as champion.

Often there’s been no such pay-off, though, as we’ll soon see over the course of this list - as we name and shame 11 of the most disappointing PPV finales we’ve ever had the misfortune of seeing…

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