11 Surprising WWE Heel Turns You Never Saw Coming

Deception is reality.


WWE aren't the boundless well of surprises they once were, and frankly, it's understandable.

There sits around a table a collection of creative minds frazzled beyond reason catering to the whims of an increasingly irritable old man, piling on to sneak lines of dialogue into a bloated three hour show that routinely neglects all narrative convention anyway. Writers don't seem to be allowed to work on their own programmes - passion projects with favoured performers - instead contributing the same voices to a host of different personas and angles that subsequently all look, sound and feel identical. In the rare case of a heel turn worth its salt in 2018, the risk of dilution in the very next segment is all too real.

Done right, they provide a storyline with a spine. A raison d'ĂȘtre for a babyface beyond workplace bullying or obnoxious d*ckheadedness at the expense of an authority figure they've suddenly developed a dispute with. The logic of a turn inherently checks out too - corruption is often rewarded until comeuppance is sought and gained.

The most enjoyable are ordinarily those that come as a complete shock. A great babyface should make even the casual observer feel part of their journey, and thus feel the pain of a former friend's devastating change of heart.


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