11 Surprising WWE Heel Turns You Never Saw Coming

11. Shawn Michaels On Hulk Hogan (2005)


Kicking off one of the best runs of his entire career by nearly kicking off Hulk Hogan's head, Shawn Michaels brought new life to his post-1998 tenure with just a single month as an absolute sh*thouse determined to get under the leathery skin of the biggest star in the history of the industry.

The pair had teamed together on and off since 'HBK' begged 'The Hulkster' to help him fend off the feckless Muhmmad Hassan and Daivari earlier in the year, making his hip-swivelling all the more shocking as the duo posed after yet another victory together.

As it transpired, something had snapped within Shawn based on the still-honoured legacy of Hogan. As he'd put it during their bloody post-match handshake, "he had to know" - in kayfabe to know if he had it in him to overcome another icon, to know if he even belonged in various 'Mount Rushmore' discussions alongside his elder, in reality to know if he could get a decent match out of a man that hadn't stumbled near one for years.

He couldn't, as it happened, but his experience of his opponents' political worst brought the real heel back out of the 'Heartbreak Kid'. He bumped like a fool, but it was Hogan's crimson mask that doubled as clown paint as the farcical affair became a circus.


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