11 Ups & 4 Downs From ALL IN 2018


4. A Curious Opener

ALL IN opened with an unadvertised MJF vs. Matt Cross match, which, itself, was fine. The duo worked hard for the spot they were given, as Cross countered his opponent's rampant heeling with the smooth-as-silk high-flying he has built his reputation on, eventually taking the 1-2-3 with a Cutter and a Shooting Star Press. Still, going with this as the appetiser for an evening of wild action was a curious choice.

They had a building full of fired-up, rabid wrestling fans, dying for a hot opener, yet kicked things off with the coldest match on the show. None of that makes sense, and what's most confusing is that the rest of the night was extremely well-paced.

This was the kind of bout that'd be best placed between two bigger contests later in thenight. Give the crowd 6-8 minutes to cool themselves down before getting right back into the show's closing stretch, with Cross and MJF effectively buffering the billboard matches. Instead, ALL IN jammed a **½ bout into a spot tailor-made for a barnburner.


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