11 Ups & 4 Downs From Last Night's WWE SmackDown (Nov 13)

Title changes, turns, and HUGE Survivor Series switch-ups: this SmackDown had it all.

Daniel Bryan WWE Champion

Irish war goddess Becky Lynch invaded Monday Night Raw this week, and hell followed with her, as a bloodied, defiant SmackDown Women's Champion and her blue brand cohorts tore through their red counterparts in one of the most memorable show-closing angles in years.

"Everyone's tough until 'The Man' comes around," Becky said, having just damn near torn Ronda Rousey's arm from its socket. She'd made an almighty impact, and she knew it.

But somehow - somehow - Becky wasn't even the biggest talking point on her own show last night.

This was a game-changing episode of SmackDown, and perhaps the best two hours of television put forth by its writers all years. The highs were staggering. AJ Styles 371-day reign as WWE Champion is over, WWE delivered a truly shocking heel turn at the night's conclusion, and the company unveiled the best possible Survivor Series replacement for Lynch, who cut another dazzling promo prior to the announcement.

It was the kind of episode that makes persisting with WWE worth it, and while your mileage may vary on the updated pay-per-view card, it's hard to remember a go-home SmackDown that put so much on the table.

Flaws? SD had a few, but each was minor...


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