11 WWE Fastlane 2019 Impulse Reactions

9. The Usos Vs. The Miz And Shane McMahon


Your writer had confidently predicted Miz' heel turn from the moment this bizarrely brilliant angle kicked off following the raft of booking adjustments that emerged following Becky Lynch's Survivor Series setback. In spit of their typical stubbornness, by hook, crook and flailing left hook, WWE got back to where they started with Shane McMahon's switch after all.

'The Money' looked like a billion dollar d*ckhead running around with the Crown Jewel 'Best In The World' trophy in November, and was an even bigger sh*thouse decking a fallen Miz after a loss to The Usos came following a series of miscommunications.

McMahon went for one final boy-popper in the closing stretch after inadvertently distracting the referee whilst Miz had the match won, but the clash of Coast-To-Coasts left the hometown hero and his daft Dad to their own devices. The failed frog splash from 'The A Lister' cost the challengers, but 'Shane O Mac's violent assault went down a treat in the aftermath.

It was enjoyably functional pre-WrestleMania preening from the 'Boy Wonder'. He'll get his on 'The Grandest Stage', and could this finally be the babyface run The Miz has warranted for years.


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