11 WWE Superstars Who Desperately Need New Theme Music In 2018

New music couldn't hurt, Roman.

Roman Reigns

What do most of the all-time biggest WWE superstars have in common? Unforgettable theme music, of course. Who will ever forget the glass-shatter signalling Stone Cold's arrival, Hulk Hogan's booming "Real American" getting the crowd on their feet, or any number of The Rock's variations of "If Ya Smell...What The Rock Is Cooking"?

While core WWE composers CFO$ should be commended for the numerous catchy and iconic songs they've given fans - most recently great tunes for Shinsuke Nakamura and Bobby Roode - many of the theme songs they've written for superstars are just too damn dull and generic.

These 11 superstars have suffered too long with boring, simplistic songs, arguably even ill-fitted to the current versions of their characters, and while many of the themes are familiar enough with fans that WWE may not want to pull the trigger on a new one, the wrestlers are all in dire need regardless.

The CFO$ metal loop trend needs to die, the childish songs for female wrestlers need to go away forever, and WWE needs to remember that an entrance theme comes to define the first impression fans get of a superstar on their way to the ring...

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Roman Reigns
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