12 HUGE WWE Clash Of Champions 2019 Predictions You Need To Know

Rollins and Strowman do double duty, Horsewomen go to war, and can Steve Austin become Stone Gold?


Clash Of The Champions could and should be brilliant. Or, troublingly, it could be really, really awful.

Consider this; WWE pay-per-views in 2019 have been (with odd rule-proving exceptions) an absolute f*cking hoot. A break from the at-times torturous churn of main roster television, the Sunday supershows have reflected the company operating at peak Sports Entertainment performance, with good-to-great action untarnished by sh*tty scripting, solid comedy and dream reconciliation from legend and experienced hands, with the odd banger even lingering around on one or two of them. In the case of Extreme Rules' Graveyard Dogs/Drew McIntyre & Shane McMahon belter, it had all of the above.

Some of the success has to be put down the aforementioned churn though - the dreaded beats and rhythms that made Raw in particular so hard to watch for so long. By virtue of how bad the weekly show was, the monthly provided a palette cleanser. But that's not been a fitting description of the flagship this month. Raw's been quality since just before SummerSlam.

WWE, for the first time in an ice age, have to maintain the heat from television rather than simply find it on a pay-per-view. Here's hoping, for a rare change, Clash Of Champions 2019 reflects a company that can do both.


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