12 HUGE WWE SummerSlam Predictions You Need To Know

LONG Hot Summer.


Looking ahead to this year's 'Biggest Party Of The Summer', it's far too easy to lament on what the show doesn't have, rather than champion what it does.

It doesn't have a screaming introduction from Vince McMahon punishing his vocal chords to wail about the summer's heat, presumably generated from his proximity to the devil himself. It doesn't have the year's second biggest singles match between the company's top post-WrestleMania stars. It doesn't even have the massive Bayley/Sasha Banks NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn redux.

What it does have, is matches. Bloody loads of them. With an ungodly amount of WWE Network hours to fill, the company will, of their own doing, present their very definition of their feature length summer blockbuster.

Like many of the cinematic turkeys cursed that moniker over the decades, much of it is likely to be meaningless, badly acted and favouring explosive stunts over nuanced storytelling. In keeping with recent directorial disasters, you'll want it to go at least half an hour less than it does. That said, virtually all your favourite stars have at least a cameo, and at least one loose thread may neatly be tied up before the credits roll.

'IT'S SUMMER TIME, AND THE LIVING IS ANYTHING BUT EASY' wailed McMahon as he opened up the 1991 edition of the show. He obviously knew about this card 26 years in advance.

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