12 Injured WWE Stars (And When They're Set To Return)

Back to work, Dr. Amann.


We all know the old adages about injuries in pro-wrestling, the whole "don't try this at home, this is real mantra," and though they've always been true, it almost seems as if the company's superstars have been determined to make an example to impressionable kids with a spate of afflictions over the past few years.

Though the treatment table isn't as choc-a-bloc as it was during the injury epidemic of 2016, WWE's doctors are still being kept pretty busy of late (and not just when they're losing poorly conceived defamation lawsuits). The group's stars have been picking up serious abrasions with such regularity you almost wonder if Papa Shango isn't stalking the Gorilla Position.

There are more obvious reasons for this besides a voodoo curse, mind. One is the style: few of the company's top talent in 2018 plod around like Typhoon or The Berserker, who were never likely to bust out a tope suicida. The other is the mentality: being injured is no longer a crime, and missing action no longer keeps food from the table.

By some perverse logic, so many wrestlers receiving treatment means the company is actually safer now than ever. Though that's no comfort to these wounded warriors.

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