12 Match Star Ratings For WWE SummerSlam 2019

A boring, terrifying and improbably triumphant party.


The build to SummerSlam, powered though it was by a new and interesting direction, was still a bit strange.

Overshadowed by both the dire RAW Reunion and a major, very divisive angle that wasn't paid off on the night, what did directly impact SummerSlam was mixed. The disturbing, full-on Brock Lesnar assaults should have portrayed Seth Rollins as a sympathetic figure - had WWE and Rollins himself not conspired to make him almost deserving of them. Across recent months, Rollins has been framed as a Stone Cold Steve Austin-adjacent backstage terrorist, a mugging, profoundly unfunny John Cena clone, and a shattered, never-say-die babyface. The awful disses and weirdly hushed soliloquies painted Rollins as character of no identity nor integrity. His recent Twitter horror show hardly helped.

In contrast, the Kofi Kingston Vs. Randy Orton programme was assisted and enhanced by WWE's peerless production department, Orton's wonderfully sinister character work, and a rare but no less welcome approach to continuity.

Fittingly, given SummerSlam's 'Bizarro World' location, Toronto, the match with the sucky build ruled, and the match with the excellent build absolutely sucked the life out of the crowd...


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