12 Things You May Have Missed From Last Night's WWE Raw (June 11)

Botches, blunders, and Braun's brilliance.


Understanding the mediocrity that plagues every Network era pay-per-view go-home show is simple: WWE already have your money, so why bother trying to sell the big event?

Your £9.99 a month is all the company care about. They don't need to convince you to part with £40-50 anymore, so their incentive to deliver a blow-away go-home is gone, and while it'd be nice to think that Vince McMahon and co. would do right by their fans and maintain a high standard regardless, WWE is driven entirely by money. If their pockets are lined, they don't care what happens.

Last night's show fell in line with the usual standards, but did at least build a moderate level of excitement ahead of Money In The Bank. Bookended by two Fatal Four-Ways (both of which were strong), it saw Sami Zayn run Bobby Lashley through an assault course, Bayley face Ruby Riott, Nia Jax tap out to a Ronda Rousey armbar, and Baron Corbin debut a freshly shorn head.

As usual, Monday Night Raw was peppered with all kinds of easter eggs, snafus, and other small details that may have gone unnoticed.

Let's run through them...


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