12 WrestleMania 35 Match Predictions Following WWE Fastlane 2019

How the 'Grandest Stage' shapes up with no more stops on the Road To WrestleMania...


In attempting this piece immediately following Elimination Chamber, much speculation was required to even figure out if certain wrestlers would make it on to the main card, let alone get a feature match.

For much of this year's build-up, it's appeared until now as if many men and women currently floundering would end up undeservedly under-served in their division's respective pre-show Battle Royal. Remarkably, not a lot about the card has actually changed between the climax of February's Elimination Chamber and March's Fastlane supershows - all the transformations were taking place outside of the looming shadow of the 'Show Of Shows'.

Becky Lynch was out then potentially back in WrestleMania's main event. Kevin Owens was slotted into Fastlane's topliner at the expense of the downtrodden Kofi Kingston with The New Day member potentially punching his own ticket to Metlife Stadium in the process. Roman Reigns' cancer is in remission, y'all.

The proverbial Road has taken a turn for the weird and wonderful of late, but as a result, few clashes at the final destination remain etched in stone. Fastlane shored up the headliners, but what else exists for those lucky enough to swerve the multi-person Kickoff contests on the calendar's biggest occasion... ?


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