12 Wrestlers Who Retired In 2018

End of the line.

Paige Raw Retirement

Select wrestling fans would tell you there's no sadness when a performer calls it a day and retires from the ring. They'd roll their eyes at the tears, wonder aloud who gives a damn, and then calmly encourage others to move on with them as if affection and gratitude has no place in a business in which performers sacrifice so much to entertain.

Select wrestling fans are full of sh*t. There, it's been said. Not all, obviously, but a handful who keep up the callous pretence of disregard for any and all sympathy.

The fact is that it's emotional any time a wrestler retires. It doesn't matter if they're pushed into it by injuries, age or other factors; when it comes to walking away, there's always bound to be some sort of hesitation, trepidation and doubt about whether or not they're making the correct decision. Having the courage to face those fears deserves credit, not apathy.

2018 was a busy year for retirements. Some may/may not be permanent, but that doesn't disqualify them here. This is a straight-ahead look at those who announced they were stepping away, and some who had no choice...

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