14 Ups & 14 Downs For WWE In 2018

(Almost) 50/50 booking, as WWE's year flits between criminally boring and completely bonkers...

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The superb range of articles on WhatCulture.com reviewing 2018 have thus far all been bound by one common thread - 2018 was everything.

It was the best and worst of times, featured the best and worst of wrestling, the best and worst of sports entertainment and even the very best and very worst of Vince McMahon himself. For better and worse, nothing was off the table - WWE probably should have cancelled at least one show this year and instead brought back one iconic retiree and one problematic exile amidst the chaos.

A megastar wrestler reversed an injury-hit retirement. A megastar wrestler made it into office. A megastar wrestler wasn't even a wrestler at all when 2017 came to a close. SmackDown Live played to half empty buildings whilst WWE ran buildings four nights in a row on pay-per-view weekends.

It had exactly as much good as bad, so rather than just assuming everything is awful, let's take the rough with the smooth and see exactly how it all levelled out...


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