15 Fascinating WWE Royal Rumble Facts You Need To Know

Unusual occurrences and factoids you must know!

In the weekly run-up to every single Royal Rumble pay-per-view in recent years, WWE has aired a 'By the Numbers' video package to highlight the history of the long-popular Rumble match. The factoids therein have included the combined weight of every entrant in history, as well as the tally of eliminations made by Kane (almost matching Jason Voorhees' kill count throughout the Friday the 13th series). There's also the awkward reminder that two men have won the Royal Rumble match after entering in the number one slot, with only Shawn Michaels' name getting mentioned specifically. That's the annual cue for dry-witted cynics to smugly yell, "Who was the other one?" at their TVs, when they already know the answer. The problem with WWE's video is that it doesn't exactly promote new facts. Granted, they have no real reason to change up their By the Numbers montage, but that's where internet historians come in. After almost three decades of memorable occurrences, it stands to reason that the Royal Rumble would produce some incredible facts, and it certainly has. Listed here are fifteen such statistics, all of which are more fascinating than, "Santino Marella lasted only one second in the 2009 Rumble, ya know."

15. The Final Four Entrants In The 2005 Rumble Went From No World Titles To Very Many

Hard to believe that on January 30, 2005, the collective group of John Cena, Batista, Edge, and Rey Mysterio had yet to yield a single World Championship reign. Cena and Batista would change that two months later at WrestleMania, and Edge and Mysterio received their moments in the sun the following year, but at the time, it was a big old goose egg. Since then, the quartet has combined to hold a staggering 35 World titles. Between them, Cena has won fifteen, Edge won eleven, Batista has held six, and Mysterio trails with a respectable three. Considering that's 35 in an eleven-year stretch, 2005 certainly boasted a final four that would shape WWE for years to come.

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