15 Most Shocking WrestleMania Moments Of All Time

You want shocking? You'll get shocking!

For over three decades, WrestleMania has provided WWE with countless memorable moments but for the most part, they were expected. Hulk Hogan defeating Andre The Giant, Stone Cold defeating Shawn Michaels to win his first WWE title, Daniel Bryan getting his happy ending at WrestleMania 30. They were still incredible, but at the beginning of the night, it was easy to predict that they would happen. The truly shocking WrestleMania moments are actually few and far between. On the grandest stage of them all, the creative team plays it safe for the most part. While we wait for the next shocking moment at WrestleMania, let's take a look at the 15 most shocking moments from the first 31..

15. Triple H Retains The WWF Title At Wrestlemania 2000

Since the inception of Wrestlemania, the show has always ended on a happy note. Throughout the first 15 WrestleManias, the WWF Championship was on the line 15 times (the title wasn€™t defended at WrestleMania 1 but was defended twice at WrestleMania 10), and in those 15 championship matches, the babyface was 14-1 against the heel. The only time the babyface didn€™t win was Lex Luger at WrestleMania X, who was disqualified against Yokozuna. However, Yoko didn€™t make it out of Madison Square Garden as champion, losing the title to Bret Hart in the actual main event. So needless to say, the odds were not in reigning WWF Champion Triple H€™s favor at Wrestlemania 2000. Heading into a fatal 4 way main event at WrestleMania with Hunter defending against The Rock, Mick Foley and The Big Show (with a McMahon in every corner), it looked like history would again repeat itself, with Rumble winner The Rock finally winning back the WWF Championship a full year after losing it to Steve Austin at the previous year€™s Wrestlemania. Which made Hunter€™s retention all the more shocking. Vince McMahon turned on The Rock and joined up with the man who beat him to a pulp months ago. Rock would end up winning the belt a month later at Backlash, but the fact that he didn€™t get it done at the biggest show of the year bucked the tradition, and genuinely shocked the WWF fans.

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