15 Most Surprising WWE Royal Rumble Entrants Of All Time

1. John Cena (2008)

When John Cena tore his pectoral muscle in October 2007, fans thought he'd be on the shelf long enough to miss WrestleMania. What we didn't know then (but know now) is that Cena is a total freak of nature, and was able to recover in time for the Royal Rumble just a few short months later. He came in at the number 30 spot, sending Madison Square Garden into an absolute frenzy. Before the Rumble, the smart money was on Triple H to win the Rumble, which was groan-inducing to say the least. Despite Cena's mixed reactions everywhere he goes, he was a much better option to win than Hunter, and he finally eliminated Triple H to win it. Even though Cena lost his title opportunity (twice), his surprise entrance was enough to top this list. Thoughts on the list? Were there any entrants you thought were more surprising than the ones named here? Comment below or tweet me @PocketSeagull.

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