15 Reasons Why Lucha Underground Is Better Than WWE

With so much quality wrestling out there, why waste your time with WWE?

Lucha Underground

Over the past year, Lucha Underground has taken the wrestling world by storm. With its over-the-top stories, innovative matches, and intriguing gimmicks it's a show that has aspects that any wrestling fan would appreciate. WWE receives the lion's share of attention, but that doesn't always mean they should. The product is up and down, at best and lacks consistency with its stories and gimmicks. Lucha Underground on the other hand is in the running for an Emmy Award in the "Outstanding Structured Reality Program". There is no detail too big or small that is overlooked and it goes to show that even a high quality wrestling show can achieve a nomination. 

This article will delve into all that is good about Lucha Underground. Highlighting amazing gimmicks like the insane Pentagon Jr. or "The Man of 1,000 Deaths" Mil Muertes. Gimmick matches that are actually good. An announce team that doesn't make you want to hit the mute button. Quality booking decisions, a ring announcer with personality, and an authority figure that isn't stale.

Reading though this is great and all, but if your cable/dish provider doesn't carry the El Rey Network it's tough to get truly excited about the product. To help with that, there are plenty of matches to be found on YouTube. There is also Sling TV which carries the El Rey Network, along with a bunch of other channels. 

So let's get right to it, here are 15 reasons to check out Lucha Underground.


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