15 Things You Probably Missed From WWE Raw (April 22)

Bray Wyatt is dead. Long live Bray Wyatt...

AJ Styles Seth Rollins

The dream match is on.

For the first time since he waltzed onto the WWE scene in 2016, one AJ Styles will meet Seth Rollins on pay-per-view. Remind us again why some on social media are whining about this promotion's decision-making right now? Everything is rosy in the garden, at least when it comes to both World Titles on Raw and SmackDown.

Elsewhere, there's a concerted effort to add layers of depth to some other characters on the roster. Sami Zayn is spitting truth about a spoiled audience, Baron Corbin is gobbling up heat from fans for having the audacity to exist and Bray Wyatt is...doing something that Sky Sports in the UK apparently aren't fond of.

Ladies and gents, this is everything you might've missed from the latest episode of Raw. We've got old-school WCW references, some sick selling (that seemed unintentional), announcers taking shots at WWE's creative team, little girls hating on 'Sassy Southern Belles', gimmicks killing their own history and more.

There's even a little nod towards Jimmy Uso making "The Uso Penitentiary" literal earlier this year. Don't drink and drive, kids...


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