15 WWE SummerSlam 2018 Impulse Reactions

The BIG Show


SummerSlam 2018 was the latest 'Big Four' show to go heavy on the big at the expense of show, but it thankfully didn't do half the damage WrestleMania did on the prestige of the quarterly mega event. This year's August supershow was a hulking great 13-match, six hour card - substantially less appealing on paper than the inaugural 10-match effort that had a (then) great Hulk in its main event and swallowed up half the tim 30 years earlier.

Such is the way of WWE in the Network era. It's perhaps both the most valid and futile complaint of the modern product - the need for content due to the superservice model results in virtually every original narrative trope being cast aside for shortcuts and laboured extensions. The very tricks tardy students use to delay (or rush) the inevitable are now deployed with virtually every storyline. The magic of the first meeting diffused by the certainty of a rematch. The glory of a payoff diluted by the likelihood of the hard reset and instant reshuffle. Wrestling hasn't been wrestling for a long time, but most of it isn't even Sports Entertainment anymore. Whatever that even was.

But that's dwelling on the distant past, not the recent. The recent one was filled with a series of uniquely booked outcomes and diverse matches. A six hours not spent watching the clock tick by or wondering why the first half was so much better than the second. This was something - somehow - new.


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