16 Things You May Have Missed From WWE Money In The Bank 2018

Strowman takes Chicago.

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Money In The Bank 2018 ticked every item on the modern WWE pay-per-view checklist.

Bloated runtime? Check.

Peaks and valleys? Check.

Incomprehensible booking decisions? Check.

Roman Reigns in another no-win situation? Check.

It delivered enough good content to finish as a net positive overall, but fans will debate the miserable fates met by Sami Zayn, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Asuka for weeks. Nonetheless, both ladder matches delivered, Seth Rollins performed his obligatory good-to-great Intercontinental Title bout, and Ronda Rousey once again proved herself a natural at this professional wrestling thing.

The titular bouts delivered satisfactory winners. Braun Strowman taking the briefcase should alleviate Raw's drudgery, and if there's any joy left in the world, he'll soon wrest the Universal Championship from Brock Lesnar's grasp (provided 'The Beast' actually shows up before SummerSlam). Alexa Bliss, meanwhile, wasted no time in cashing in. Her interference cut the successful Nia Jax/Ronda Rousey bout short, her assault blindsided 'The Irresistible Force,' and seconds later, 'The Goddess' was a queen once more.

These were the major talking points, but what of the smaller details? What of the Easter eggs, hidden gems, and snafus that may have flown under your radar?

Let's break them down...


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