16 Things You Might Have Missed From Last Night’s WWE Raw

Did that kid just call Roman Reigns a w*nker?

Kurt Angle Roman Reigns

Kurt Angle's expression on this week's Raw said it all.

Tasked with going out and speaking on behalf of The Authority (yes, that is still going), the Raw GM had to pretend he was delivering bad news to Roman Reigns that the fans would hate. They didn't. The live crowd in London lapped it up when Kurt told Reigns he wouldn't get another shot at Money In The Bank glory.

On the subject of things that might have been missed, apparently WWE missed a memo. Reigns isn't the all-conquering hero people want to see flourish, and he's not the second coming of Daniel Bryan who can rally support against Stephanie McMahon either.

Oh well, the non-stop charge to push Roman as a babyface continues, and it was framed by some little nuances you may have missed on Raw. Not only that, but there was a whole bunch of other Easter eggs hidden in the show too.

Reigns isn't the only babyface struggling to get fans onside. Unless WWE plan to turn Bobby Lashley heel soon, then they may just come to regret that awkward sit down interview with Renee Young last week...


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