16 Things You Probably Missed From WWE SmackDown (Feb 19)

Bitches, big dives, branches, better reactions, Black and bad landings...

The New Day

This week's SmackDown was yet another stunning victory for unlikely pushes in 2019.

Made man Kofi Kingston, fresh off his Gauntlet grit last Tuesday and another top performance inside the Elimination Chamber over the weekend, was named Daniel Bryan's WWE Title challenger for Fastlane. This is not a joke, nor is it designed to be all smarky about an upcoming pay-per-view: with that one announcement, the show is actually worthwhile.

Before it, Fastlane seemed like the most unnecessary pre-WrestleMania stop since this writer's pal Tom decided to check out a comic book shop in Orlando before hitting the Camping World Stadium for 'Mania 33. Now, there's some intrigue. Speaking of which, NXT stars have been popping up all over the place lately.

The blue brand's fan base also gave those guys a much warmer welcome than the red brand's one did. Aleister Black even found the time to hint at his immediate future plans, and Ricochet delighted those with a love of slo-mo replays in the WWE production truck.

Here's everything (including those gems) you might've missed from this week's SmackDown...


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