16 Things You Probably Missed From WWE SmackDown (June 11)

A mishmash of insider references, botches and Tough Enough cameos on this week's show...

Shane McMahon The Miz

Shane McMahon's tyrannical free reign as WWE's chief authority figure must continue.

Apparently, that's written atop all booking sheets for the attention of company writers before any and all creative meetings. It's the only explanation for Shane's heavy presence on both Raw and SmackDown lately, as well as his dual feuds with The Miz and Roman Reigns. On this week's SmackDown, WWE circled back around to the former.

McMahon is now 3-0 against his arch nemesis (one of them, at least), and it doesn't look like Miz vs. Shane is a feud WWE are quite done with either. After Stomping Grounds on 23 June, there's the small matter of Extreme Rules on 14 July. There, surely, things will end between Shane-O and Miz. It's about time.

SmackDown had some insider references you may not have spotted this week. The show also had WWE comedy that worked, a notable botch, a Tough Enough cameo, McMahon fighting through the pain of injury and a new gimmick for some criminally overlooked talent.

Here's everything you might've missed. Remarkably, some of it stars the ever-present Shane-O-Mac...


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